Ed Harris

Director of Marketing

True Action, an eBay Inc company



Ed Harris

Edward Harris has helped drive successful brand development strategies for a select group of iconic global brands over the past decade.  He currently serves as Director of Marketing at True Action, an eBay Inc company, where his team develops online marketing strategies for brands Calvin Klein and Charlotte Russe.  Prior to joining the True Action agency, Edward held marketing leadership roles with startup And 1 Basketball, Converse, Timberland, Under Armour, and Destination Maternity Corporation. A native of Philadelphia, PA, Edward holds an MBA in Management from Boston College, and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University.

His broad experience in leading both lifestyle and life stage brands has given Edward an in depth knowledge of consumer behavior that has helped develop strong connections with consumers.  His work with a range of creative resources, media networks, digital agencies, and elite athletes and celebrities have brought strong results to the brands he has represented.  His passions include travelling with his wife and son, attending live sporting events, listening to music, and painting on canvas.  Edward also serves on the Marketing and Communications Advisory Board at Saint Joseph’s University.

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