Certificate in Marketing Excellence Program - Session 1

Strategic Planning A Process for creating value for your customers, employees, owners and community

Date: Mar 22, 2013 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Location: Saint Joseph's University, Haub Executive Center, 5th Floor, McShain Hall, 5600 City Line Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19131
Pricing: Members/SJU Alumni: Individual Session - $250 6 Sessions - $1050 Non-Members: Individual Session - $295 6 Sessions - $1250


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Registrants of the full program who are unable to attend a scheduled session during the Spring 2013 program will be allowed to attend the same session during the next scheduled program.

If you are interested in paying by check or have any questions, please contact info@amaphilly.org or call 484-461-2555

The contemporary focus of strategic planning in the organization is on value creation.  The organization holds no purpose other than that of value creation for its multiple stakeholders, and we will discuss how to define and measure the various dimensions of value and how to make sure that we do have a purpose.  You will come out of this session with a much better notion regarding how to “think strategically,” how to identify and organize the firm’s resources and exploit opportunities and respond to threats in the environment, and the key issues of strategy implementation, or “where the rubber meets the road.”

By attending, you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of creating and executing a marketing  strategy – how it creates customer value and how that  translates to the overall customer relationship and to  profitability;
  • “Thinking strategically” versus tactically - thinking  strategically is about estabView the Informational Webinarlishing a direction for the  marketing function of the organization, consistent with  the overall mission and designed to advance the firm’s  vision;
  • Processes of internal and external situation assessment,  including both segment and “SWOT” analysis;
  • Development of “SMART” objectives;
  • Identify and choose among strategic marketing options  stated in terms of products and markets, and some  implementation issues;
  • Strategy evaluation.

Instructor: John B. Lord, Ph.D., Saint Joseph’s University Professor

John B. Lord, Ph.D.  is Professor and Chair of Marketing at Saint Joseph's University, where he has taught since 1975.  He received his MBA from Drexel University and Ph.D. from Temple University.  He has served as dean (1987-92) and associate dean (1997-99) of the business school, plus 4-1/2 terms as chairperson in the food marketing department.  He now is chair of the marketing department, as of June 1, 2009, which offers a B.S. in marketing and a Master of Science in International Marketing.

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Speaker: Jay Minkoff, President and CEO, First Flavor, Inc. 

Jay Minkoff is a serial entrepreneur that has started, grown and sold two businesses to publicly-held companies. His expertise is in developing innovative marketing solutions for specific target markets with both print and digital media.

Jay’s current business, First Flavor, invented the patent pending Peel ‘n Taste® Marketing System which provides marketers with the ability to promote the flavor of their product in traditional print media and promotions.

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Overview of the PAMA/SJU Marketing Certificate Program

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