Calling All Volunteers!

We have no shortage of initiatives at PAMA as we work to be that one invaluable resource to you for assuring your career growth, ongoing development and excellence.  All of these great initiatives require great volunteers to get the job done.  We’re lucky to have a committed and dedicated group of professionals who volunteer their time on various committees to support the group’s mission of providing marketing thought leadership, skills enhancement, best practices and valuable networking.

What you may not know is that this great group of volunteers is made up of people in the Greater Philadelphia area who are just like you.  Everyone is juggling professional and personal day-to-day tasks and routines.  Everyone is busy.  But all of these folks know that volunteering is a great way to build their skills, try some new things without the pressures of their job, rub elbows and break bread with other marketers and make an impact to push some of their own ideas forward.

Sample Projects available this year:

Communications Team – You’ll be able to interact with every team in the chapter and develop online and offline content seen by over 500+ members!

Programming Team – Help to shape all of our chapter events from Thirsty Thursday Networking to the CMO Breakfast, to Super bowl Smackdown. Help the team develop new and exciting programs for our members, design the format, generate speaker ideas and meet a lot of new people along the way!

Technology Team – Some exciting projects slated for this year are a complete website redesign as well as automation of our internal work processes. Work with a dynamic team and take part in some trailblazing efforts!!

Exciting opportunities are also available on our Membership, Sponsorship, Collegiate Relations, Marketing Certificate Program and Special Projects Teams!
You can start making a difference today!

To learn more, please contact Jenna Armato at:

What is your commitment?

  • Represent PAMA professionally and responsibly.
  • Recognize that we’re ALL volunteers – some with more time than others, some with more experience than others.
  • Respect your fellow volunteers and following through with all commitments you make.
  • To be or plan to become a PAMA member within 90 days of beginning your volunteer experience.

We are proud that the success PAMA continues to have is a direct result of high quality volunteers.  We look forward to learning what we can do together.  If you are interested in participating as a volunteer for the organization and pushing your skills as a marketer beyond expectations, please fill out the form or email to learn more.



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